RVB Tank Storage Solutions

RVB Tank Storage Solutions B.V. was founded in 2015 and provides worldwide services as storage broker. We bring cargo owners and tank terminals together all over the world. With no product or location too difficult for us, we will always find a solution. Companies who only occasionally deal with the bulk liquid storage market often lack specific know-how, experience and/or time to negotiate complicated and costly contracts.

Krien van Beek, who heads the storage solutions department, has over 25 years of experience in shipping, trading and storage. As terminal manager of a bulk liquid storage terminal with oil drum facilities and packed goods warehouses in The Netherlands, she developed the concept storage brokerage, a service that previously simply didn’t exist. Van Beek, having worked for a trading house, a producer, shipowners and a terminal operator, has gathered the experience required to offer a complete service for terminal operators and cargo owners.

For both these parties, storage brokerage will create more transparency. RVB Tank Storage Solutions also provides market analysis and reports for our customers.

What do we provide:

  • Storage brokerage:  a new and unique service, providing global tank storage solutions.
  • Spot storage: finding storage space quickly for off spec products, seasonal production schedules or as trade opportunities.
  • Long term storage: finding the best tank for the required transportation mode(s) at competitive terms and conditions.
  • Tender management: checking the market on pricing and availability to optimize your storage requirements.
  • Acting as business intermediary by bringing parties together.
  • Review of bulk storage strategies for companies with existing storage contracts.
  • Inspecting contract duration, contract clauses, locations, tank sizes, tank specifications, rate structures, etc.

Please contact our team in Rotterdam for more information on our complete services.